Rutland Running & Triathlon Club was formed in May 2000 as a running club (Rutland Running Club) based in Braunston-In-Rutland. From a base of around 20 members the club has steadily grown over the years and expanded its activities to suit the needs of its members so that it now supports all 3 Triathlon disciplines (Swim, Bike, Run) and is affiliated to England Athletics and to British Triathlon via Triathlon England

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What We Do


We currently have 3 organised club sessions per week as follows:

Tuesday: Training Session (60 mins) where we do training activities that you normally may not do if you went running by yourself such as Hill Reps, Sprints, Fartlek, Intervals and Track Sessions. Everyone works at their own pace so the session is suitable for all abilities. These sessions are run from Catmose Sports Centre, off Hunstmans Drive in Oakham. All Tuesday sessions commence at 18:30

Wednesday: A gentle run of between 5 & 6 miles from a variety of locations around Rutland. In the Winter months these are head-torch runs and the club has a stock of head-torches to borrow if you don’t have your own. Designed as a natural progression from our Beginners Sessions (see below) as well as for members recovering from injuries or for those who prefer to run at a gentle pace. Plenty of chat as well as exercise and definitely no stress. Check the Wednesday Run List page if you are not sure where a session is starting from. All Wednesday sessions commence at 19:00 but please try to arrive by 18:50.

Thursday: A faster paced run (sub 8 mins/mile) around Oakham. This is normally around 5-6 miles in distance but there is plenty of opportunity to reduce the distance if you require. On alternate Thursdays in addition to the fast paced run we also offer a slower paced run (approx 10:30 mins/mile) of between 4 & 5 miles. All Thursday sessions start from outside Catmose Sports Centre at 18:30.
During the Summer months (June-August) the club organises its annual 10 week tour of the Rutland Round (see our Rutland Round page for more information)

Weekend sessions occasionally happen on an ad-hoc basis, both for running or cycling. As many of us take part or volunteer at local parkruns (including Rutland Water parkrun on Saturday mornings) there is generally an opportunity for lift shares and some company whilst running. We are also open to the idea of new regular weekend sessions starting up, so if you are interested in organising a Saturday or Sunday session then please email elpresidente@rutlandrunandtri.co.uk

Beginners Sessions

We hold 2 free beginners run coaching sessions each year, one starting in April and the other in October. We have qualified leaders in running fitness who lead the courses that cater for complete non-running beginners as well as for those who have hung up their running shoes for a while and would like to make a gentle comeback. The course aims to get complete non-runners to be able to run for 30 minutes non-stop by the end of each 10 week course. Upon successful completion of this course your running career can take wings and you can proceed to 5k parkruns and beyond. You are also most welcome to join in one or more of our regular weekly club sessions. Please email elpresidente@rutlandrunandtri.co.uk for more information or to register your interest

Swim & Bike

Although most of our members are runners we have quite a few who also participate in Triathlon and Duathlon. Many of these are experienced at all levels of Triathlon from Sprint and Super-sprint to Ironman distances and beyond with some members at World Age Group level so there is always someone up for a bike or a swim session. Get in touch (email: clubsec@rutlandrunandtri.co.uk) and we’ll put you in contact with some like minded club members